Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to Samsung

This is easily possible via Bluetooth

  • Pair the devices via Bluetooth
  • On your Blackberry, under Bluetooth Settings, select the paired and Tranfer Contacts using the Menu Option
  • Confirm the recieve message on your Samsung
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    Posted on April 17, 2013, in Blackberry, Samsung. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

    1. Moving from BlackBerry to Android is an easy process, too.
      1. Open Google Sync on your BlackBerry.
      2. Choose “Sync Now” to make sure the most current contact information is added to your Google account.
      3. Open the “Accounts & Sync” app on your Android phone from the gear icon.
      4. Touch “Google.” Touch to add a checkmark to “Sync Contacts.”
      5. Touch “Sync Now” to sync.
      6. Open your contacts app. Touch the arrow next to “Phonebook” to open the drop down menu. Make sure “Google” is checked. You will now see all your synced contacts.
      You can also read the guide below to get more information.

    2. yes pairing is an easy method to transfer contacts and other information. enjoy the status at

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