Automated Backup Solution for Individuals and Small Offices

There are many backup Solutions available; both on the Cloud (Dropbox for lite users; Carbonite for heavy users) and Hardware Based (NAS Storage; Sonicwall CDP)

But If you are an individual or a small office and have no more money than an external hard drive to spend on; a simple XCOPY backup solution is what will get you through

  • Open a Notepad and add commands as below
  • XCOPY /e/c/y/v/d <source directory> <target directory>
  • You may add as many XCOPY commands as you would like considering the directories that need to be backed up
  • An effective XCOPY backup command when run should be error free; without user prompt and incremental. You should use the appropriate syntax to achive this. You may refer to URL for syntax details
  • Once done save the text file as <filename>.bat
  • If its one time backup you want; you may run the file just once.
  • If its a scheduled backup; use the default windows Task Scheduler (taskschd.msc) to setup a periodic backup schedule

About Sunil Padmanabhan

An Indian based out of Dubai who started traveling from 2011 and pretty much caught the travel bug. Every year presents itself as an opportunity to visit and explore a new place.

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