Automated Backup Solution for Individuals and Small Offices

There are many backup Solutions available; both on the Cloud (Dropbox for lite users; Carbonite for heavy users) and Hardware Based (NAS Storage; Sonicwall CDP)

But If you are an individual or a small office and have no more money than an external hard drive to spend on; a simple XCOPY backup solution is what will get you through

  • Open a Notepad and add commands as below
  • XCOPY /e/c/y/v/d <source directory> <target directory>
  • You may add as many XCOPY commands as you would like considering the directories that need to be backed up
  • An effective XCOPY backup command when run should be error free; without user prompt and incremental. You should use the appropriate syntax to achive this. You may refer to URL for syntax details
  • Once done save the text file as <filename>.bat
  • If its one time backup you want; you may run the file just once.
  • If its a scheduled backup; use the default windows Task Scheduler (taskschd.msc) to setup a periodic backup schedule

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