Creating a DVD Audio Disc

All Car Stereo Systems still do not support MP3 Formats and we still have to rely on Standard Audio Discs our Auxiliary Connectivity to external devices to play our favorite tracks

Well if your Car Stereo can play DVD; then DVD Audio is the best option for you. Since its not a commonly used format; it requires a 3rd Party Tool to achieve this.

Roxio Creater Pro is a recommended and reliable software that will convert your MP3 or any standard audio format to DVD Quality Tracks

In an average 4.7GB DVD, you can burn up to 33 hours of high quality tracks. So with a 8.7GB DVD you can pretty much burn an entire generation of music on a single DVD

Do try this out and provide your feedback.

One thought on “Creating a DVD Audio Disc

  1. I dont think diy long play audio dvd’s are viable as the audio will also be re-encoded which may degrade the quality if the files are already compressed ..So you have to find a balance between audio quality & play length..

    I recall creating a 10 hour autoplay audio dvd as a gift for a technophobe ..I auditioned many programs but they lacked the professional touch.. So i ended up using Roxio as it was customisable.

    I had 197 mp3 files & split them into 6 folders. The project size was around 1Gb.. It should have been a simple task but Roxio’s software interface , templates & controls were very unprofessional ..


    Songs with long track titles or comments would not fit on the screen .Or be cut short or wrapped.
    No screensaver options to prevent screen burn.
    Awful display & control buttons with no option to download templates from the website.

    I ended up spending a fornight re-designing & altering backgrounds, control buttons, menu & sub menu text sizes etc.

    Most dvd players dont have screensavers so i also had to create plenty of random screens for songs to prevent screen burn..

    Roxio creator pro aka Roxio Recordlab Is a great program but the dvd display screen looks like it was targeted at children & you have no option but to design your own .

    Image & text editing knowledge is required if your producing professional looking dvds..

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