Files Missing from External Hard Drive or Memory Stick but shows disk usage

Files Hidden or Missing from External Hard Drive or Memory Stick but shows disk usage

Though it may seem as a harmless case of files being Hidden from Folder Options; it is most unlikely since this has to be done manually

This is most likely a virus that has infected your Hard Drive/ Memory Stick

  1. Run a Full AV Scan – First thing to do would be to run a full anti-virus scan on the External Hard Drive / Memory; clean Up or Delete all viruses before proceeding
  2. Open the hard drive in explorer mode and do a search with *.*
  3. If it was a mere Virus issue earlier; this search should help you retrieve all your files.
  4. Copy all the contents to another location to backup the contents
  5. Format your external hard drive or memory stick before re-use



About Sunil Padmanabhan

An Indian based out of Dubai who started traveling from 2011 and pretty much caught the travel bug. Every year presents itself as an opportunity to visit and explore a new place.

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  1. great advice, so many do not realize to check their memory stick for viruses and corruptions. Ran into this problem a lot at the University. So many would re infect their computer once they used their memory stick…

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