Files Missing from External Hard Drive or Memory Stick but shows disk usage

Files Hidden or Missing from External Hard Drive or Memory Stick but shows disk usage

Though it may seem as a harmless case of files being Hidden from Folder Options; it is most unlikely since this has to be done manually

This is most likely a virus that has infected your Hard Drive/ Memory Stick

  1. Run a Full AV Scan – First thing to do would be to run a full anti-virus scan on the External Hard Drive / Memory; clean Up or Delete all viruses before proceeding
  2. Open the hard drive in explorer mode and do a search with *.*
  3. If it was a mere Virus issue earlier; this search should help you retrieve all your files.
  4. Copy all the contents to another location to backup the contents
  5. Format your external hard drive or memory stick before re-use


Blackberry Bold / Curve – Icons Missing

  1. Check for Hidden Icons
    • With the main menu on the BB Sceen; click the Blackberry Icon Key and select Show All Icons. If you are icon was hidden; it would show up.
    • Select the Hidden Icon and click the BB Icon; select Unhide Icon
  2. Check inside Folders
    • There are chances you may have unknowingly moved the icon to a folder
    • Open each folder and check
  3. Check for Uninstalled Applications
    • Open AppWorld and check for Uninstalled applications; if listed you can select and re install the application

If you folks know of other options to trace missing Icons before doing a Wipe; do post your comments

Microsoft Outlook has stopped working – Error – when downloading emails


Applicable under Outlook 2007 and later versions

Under a POP Account Setup; you get the below error when downloading emails. What do you do?

Problem signature:

Problem Event Name:   APPCRASH
Application Name:         OUTLOOK.EXE
Application Version:       12.0.4518.1014
Application Timestamp:               4542840f
Fault Module Name:      OUTLFLTR.DLL
Fault Module Version:   12.0.4326.0
Fault Module Timestamp:            44c81343
Exception Code:             c0000005
Exception Offset:           0004acff
OS Version:       6.0.6001.
Locale ID:          1033

Additional information about the problem:
LCID:   1033
Brand: Office12Crash
skulcid:               1033

Well; you can try all the MS Fixes that Microsoft suggests; but you may still not get around the issue.

The easy way out is to open your email from its web access. Since the Outlook crashes as the mail downloads; its evident that one of the emails causes this issue. So your task should be to identify which of them triggers the error.

Move the emails from Inbox to another folder (say drafts or any custom folder) from the Web Access. From this folder; move one email at a time to the inbox followed by trying to Send/Receive from your outlook. This way you can identify which email gives you the error on outlook.

It may not be the best way to resolve the issue; but a lot better than spending hours searching and applying Microsoft fixes and get everything messed up


Creating a DVD Audio Disc

All Car Stereo Systems still do not support MP3 Formats and we still have to rely on Standard Audio Discs our Auxiliary Connectivity to external devices to play our favorite tracks

Well if your Car Stereo can play DVD; then DVD Audio is the best option for you. Since its not a commonly used format; it requires a 3rd Party Tool to achieve this.

Roxio Creater Pro is a recommended and reliable software that will convert your MP3 or any standard audio format to DVD Quality Tracks

In an average 4.7GB DVD, you can burn up to 33 hours of high quality tracks. So with a 8.7GB DVD you can pretty much burn an entire generation of music on a single DVD

Do try this out and provide your feedback.

Automated Backup Solution for Individuals and Small Offices

There are many backup Solutions available; both on the Cloud (Dropbox for lite users; Carbonite for heavy users) and Hardware Based (NAS Storage; Sonicwall CDP)

But If you are an individual or a small office and have no more money than an external hard drive to spend on; a simple XCOPY backup solution is what will get you through

  • Open a Notepad and add commands as below
  • XCOPY /e/c/y/v/d <source directory> <target directory>
  • You may add as many XCOPY commands as you would like considering the directories that need to be backed up
  • An effective XCOPY backup command when run should be error free; without user prompt and incremental. You should use the appropriate syntax to achive this. You may refer to URL for syntax details
  • Once done save the text file as <filename>.bat
  • If its one time backup you want; you may run the file just once.
  • If its a scheduled backup; use the default windows Task Scheduler (taskschd.msc) to setup a periodic backup schedule

Convert Scanned PDF to OCR

The higher the resolution of the PDF; the better the chances of extracting Text from it.

If you have any version of Adobe Acrobat 9 and above; the task is pretty straight forward.

From the Menu – Document – OCR Text Recognition – Recognize Text using OCR (Single File) / Recognize Text in Multiple Files using OCR

Once this is done; you should be able to select; copy and search text from the document. You may also choose to save this file as a Word Document for easier editing. But you expect most of the formatting to be lost when saved to Word or any other editable format

If you do not have any licensed software and still want to get this done; there is a Online Solution available as well


They provide a Free Full Functional Demo worth 20 Credits (up to 62 pages)