Oracle Forms6i Installation Error on Windows 7 64-bit


When you try installing forms you may get the error: forms60.vrf(78):OS_ERROR while getting value Path

This error has got to do with the character length of Path Environment Variable Field. For Forms6i installation to happen; the character length in the field should be less than 1000. You can definitely cant keep counting to check this. So best is to temporarily cut a portion of the Environment Variable until the installation is completed.

If you are an Oracle Professional; I need not tell you where the environment variable is; for the rest please find below instructions

  • Right Click My Computer – Properties
  • Advanced System Settings
  • Under Advanced Tab; Click Environment Variables
  • Under System Variables; look for variable named Path
  • Select Path and click Edit
  • Copy the contents in the Variable Value to any text editor like notepad
  • Copy and replace a small portion of the variable value back into the field
  • Start your forms6i installation and once done revert back the Variable Value from your notepad file


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