Error while Uninstall a Program – Wait Until the Current Program is Finished Uninstalling

Applies to Windows 7 / Windows 8

A reboot would ideally get you through this. A quick option would be to kill explorer.exe and reinstate it

  1. Open Task Manager
  2. From the Processes Tab; right-click on explorer.exe and select End Process
  3. Your task bar would immediately disappear
  4. From the File Menu, of your Task Manager; click New Task
  5. Type in explorer.exe and click ok
  6. Your task bar should return and you can resume uninstallation of your program

Reduce Size of Log File of your SQL Server Database

Your SQL Log File is basically your lifeline when it comes to recovering your database to a previous point in time. If Point in time recovery is not important to you; then you must set the Recovery Model to Simple.

To deal with the issue in hand; lets go through a series of simple steps to shrink your log file

  1. In the Query window, type;  backup log <databasename> with truncate_only
  2. dbcc shrinkfile (databasename_log)
  3. Once this is done; you will noticed your log file having shrinked considerably within your file directory

If Point in Time recovery is useful to you; I would recommened that you schedule the above activity periodically to keep the size of your log file in check.

HP Universal Print driver not support color printing automatically

You notice that after you installed the HP Universal Print Driver (UPD); Color Printing option is no more available for selection for your Color Laserjet Printer

Print Options

You may most likely run into such issues when you update your print driver for Windows 8 or Windows 8.1

  1. Firstly ensure that you are using a Print Driver version that’s 5.3 or above
  2. Proceed to the Device Settings tab of your Print Settings. Under installable options; change the Automatic Configuration to Update Now Device Settings
  3. A dialog box will appear prompting to update the settings; please confirm and proceed.
  4. Return to the Device Settings Tab and change the Device Type to ColorDevice Type
  5. Click Ok.
  6. The General Tab for the printer settings should now show Features Color as Yes

Note: If you happen to face a similar issue with Duplex Printing;  you will find an option under Device Settings. The below illustration would guide you through.

Duplex Printing