Changing the Background and Accent color in Windows 8.1

This might not be the most important feature that one gets to use on a daily basis. Color schemes on Windows Desktop OS was not even an option until the Windows 8 arrived. It’s just something that users see when they set up their devices (Laptop, Desktop or tablet) for the first time. Later on, they just get used to seeing the background color in the default or the modified color scheme.

With Windows 8.1, changing the background color has become a mystery. For days I tried to change the background color on my laptop after the upgrade to Windows 8.1. What seemed to be a very straight forward procedure with Windows 8 seemed to be a very difficult task to do in Windows 8.1. Well, everything can be changed but with a small trick.

  • Press Start or the Windows button on the keyboard. This should take us to the Start screen with the tiles.
  • Point the mouse to the Right hand top corner of the screen or just press Windows button + C. This should open the charm bar.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click Personalize and there you go! Change the background and the accent colors to your like!!

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