Master Sync has been disabled – Samsung Galaxy S6

If you have come across a scenario, where-in your email synchronization settings are active but yet you get the message Master Sync has been disabled

The below illustration will guide you through. You may also watch the video for the solution

From any screen, drag down the top portion of the Screen

S4 Screenshot

Click the Top Right Icon with 3 squares and a double arrow and you get the below screen as illustrated

Click the Icon titled Sync to enable it and you are done

S4 Screenshot


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  1. Thanks you very much,very simple than I though.
    I am glad that Google directed me to you.

  2. Michael A. Carara

    simpler than I thought. Thanks!

  3. thank you. really helped me out

  4. Thank you fixed problem instantly!

  5. That was easy thank you xx

  6. My sync button will not light up when I try to activate it. My emails will not sync.

  7. Works on S6 as well – click on down arrow from settings screen. Thanx

  8. Thanks, could not find this on Samsung website, you solved the problem for me in seconds.

  9. Thanks a million you a life saver.

  10. Thanks very much. That did the trick!

  11. I did this on my Samsung j7 but still mails r not downloading n it’s showing master sync is disabled. Plz help me out

    • Sunil Padmanabhan

      Hi Ritu. Please check the settings of your email account setup on your phone. Is the Sync turned on there as well? It will also show a last sync date.

  12. Thank you so much.

  13. thanks a ton, real helpful, cheers

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