Master Sync has been disabled – Samsung Galaxy S6

If you have come across a scenario, where-in your email synchronization settings are active but yet you get the message Master Sync has been disabled

The below illustration will guide you through. You may also watch the video for the solution

From any screen, drag down the top portion of the Screen

S4 Screenshot

Click the Top Right Icon with 3 squares and a double arrow and you get the below screen as illustrated

Click the Icon titled Sync to enable it and you are done

S4 Screenshot

234 thoughts on “Master Sync has been disabled – Samsung Galaxy S6

  1. Hi Good day thanks soooo MUCH i have been ketching my skin to get my emails back in order I did not have a clue where to find sync in my settings. Thanks to you. Have a bless day

  2. Years ago, computers drove me nuts. I learned to master them.
    Now this smart phone is doing the same and I am in re-learn mode.
    That did the trick for me too and it subtracts one more thing that has to be learned.

  3. Im having the same problem in that emails are not incoming or sending. The ‘Last Updated Date time is from this mornign (but I have had new emails that have not sync’d).
    Email account is set-up as a hotmail….Main SYNC button is set to on.
    Email seetings for sync are: SYNC Email Ticked SYNC Schedule: as PUSH Peak Schedule is Ticked and set to PUSH. Period to SYNC Email is set to: ” weeks.

    IT just doesn’t seeem to be doing anything – why ??

    Yours Confused (given I have been following all the instructions above)

  4. I turned on the master sync icon. When I try to retrieve my email on my phone, my phone says “sync is disabled” What? How is this happening?

    • Dear Dave,
      Have you gone through the instructions and still been unsuccessful?
      If yes, We could have a Skype Chat or Audio Session to help you resolve this
      SKYPE ID: sunilpadmanabhan

  5. This issue happened to me after a new android update got downloaded. Thank god for the 2-finger swip tip.

    It took me a while to get the full tray of icons. And on the phone browswer i couldn’t see that someone that posted what to expect when you do a 2-finger swipe from the home screen.

    Once i turned that sync icon green, everything started syncing.

    You have to go to mail – settings – sync settings for more control beyond master-sync setting.

  6. We have a similar problem – seems to be the last Samsung updates. (they are as bad as MS) Any way I can reverse the update?

  7. Still doesn’t solve my problem. 7 days is all i want on the email (i get 100 a day) but when i move an airline ticket to the folder named travel i want it to stay until i delete it. the sync options are same for all folders and even 30 days is not enough for the things i want to save.

    • Hi David, Your requirement is not very clear to me. Do you want to override the sync options for specific folders of your email?

      • Yes, for my folder named ‘travel’ I want everything synced, no time limit. For my ‘inbox’ I want to continue to sync 7 days of mail.

  8. Easy when you know how thank you very much PC WORLD WANTED £30.00 to sort problem eh! An I had bought this tablet from them hmm no more dealings with them no help for 1 min task.thanks again.

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