Backing up the Recovery Catalog – Oracle 10g / 11g

Your backup strategy is not complete until you ensure that your Recovery Catalog Database is also backed up. Use a simple batch file to automate this backup

set ORACLE_SID=<catalog_db_name>
rman target / NOCATALOG log C:\CatalogBackup.log APPEND cmdfile=c:\CatalogBackup.cmd

The backup metadata of the recovery catalog has to go to the Control File of the recovery catalog database; therefore you have to login to RMAN using NOCATALOG. Since RMAN Scripts work only when connected to the Recovery Catalog, you have to use an alternate operating system command file to automate the backup.

As illustrated above we have used the cmdfile  argument of RMAN to specify a custom cmd file. You can specify the RMAN Backup command within this file.




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