Cannot adjust brightness on a Lenovo Ideapad Z400 after installation of Windows 8.1


After the installation of Windows 8.1, I had noticed  that the brightness of the laptop went down considerably low. Even by increasing or decreasing the brightness (F11 and F12) situation did not improve. The solution is a simple one. One just needs to re-install the graphic drivers and upgrade the Lenovo power management.

Alternatively one can simply visit the official forums of Lenovo about this particular issue.


Creating a Recovery Catalog in a database different from Target Database

Applies to Oracle 10g / Oracle 11g

  • Create a new database using Oracle Universal Installer or from command line; lets say the new database name is orcl01
  • Once completed you will now have 2 ORACLE_HOME
  • In command prompt; set the ORACLE_SID=orcl01
  • Create a new tablespace say; rcatab. Please ensure you have set the db_create_file_dest parameter appropriately


Note: Define the space for your recovery catalog as per your database needs
  • Create a User which will be the owner of the recovery catalog

  • Connect to RMAN with the RMAN user and create the catalog
RMAN catalog rman/password@orcl01
  • Register the Target Database with the Recovery Catalog
    • Before you do this; exit RMAN and set the ORACLE_SID to your target database
    • Login to RMAN connected to Recovery Catalog and Target Database
RMAN target / catalog rman/password@orcl01
Register Database;

Copying Outlook Folder Structure to another Outlook PST File

Applies to Outlook 2003/ Outlook 2007 / Outlook 2010 / Outlook 2013

You may have been using an Outlook PST with several folder structures in both Inbox and Sent Items. You may want to start with a new PST since the old one is getting bulky; but want all the previous PST folder structures duplicated in the new one. If you have built up a comprehensive list; creating one from scratch is tedious.

You may find a solution to your problem through different methods; but below is the easiest and most quickest way to achieve your requirement

Below Illustration is from Outlook 2010

  • File – Cleanup Tools – Archive
  • As illustrated; select the PST folder containing the folder structure you want duplicated
  • Under Archive Items Older than; select a date value which is before the time any email was stored in the selected PST.
    • For example: If you Current PST has email stored from Year 2008 to Year 2013; set the Archive Items Older than date field as 01/01/2008
  • Under Archive File; select directory location and filename for your new pst file.
  • Click Ok and your New PST file with only the folder structure will be created within the shortest possible time than any other solution can promise


  • outlook_archive

Transfer Data from your Blackberry OS 6 or 7 to your new OS 10 Device

For all Previous OS versions (6/7); Blackberry Desktop Manager was sufficient to get the task done in transferring data to another Blackberry Phone

Blackberry Desktop Manager no longer works with new OS 10 Devices. You will need the new Blackberry Link Software

Download Blackberry Link

  • Connect your Old Blackberry Device running OS 6 or 7 to your PC and open the Blackberry Link Software
  • The screen as illustrated below will appear. Click Transfer Data

Blackberry Link

Blackberry Link

  • Once the data copying is completed; disconnect the old device and connect your new OS 10 Device
  • Your new device will be listed on the screen; click it and the transfer will start automatically

Blackberry Link

  • Once the transfer is completed. Click the Show Details button to verify if all data has been transferred

Blackberry Link