Dell R510 Server – RAID 5 option is not available

Some of you may have faced this problem while configure a new Dell server. Even though you meet the hardware pre-requisites like minimum 3 HDD etc. for configuring RAID 5, yet the server will show only RAID 0 and RAID 1 options.

The below steps will illustrate how we can enable RAID 5 option for a Dell R510 Server.

  • Power on the server -> press F10 -> Select hardware configuration setup
  • Delete any virtual drive if present and remove foreign configuration. Now you will get the option to configure the server using RAID 5.

If a foreign configuration is present in the server,Only RAID 0 and RAID 1 will be available and it will not allow you to configure in RAID 5.

Take a clear note that I am talking about a fresh configuration for a Dell Server. If you are facing this scenario in any other condition or while swapping/replacing  HDDs from any other virtual configuration, then the reason may be different

One thought on “Dell R510 Server – RAID 5 option is not available

  1. Keep in mind that latent disk errors are one of the biggest problems with RAID technology.
    If you are rebuilding a RAID, Unrecoverable Read Error (URE) can stop a RAID rebuild in its track, essentially making the entire RAID volume unusable.

    Typical ranges for hard drives are around 1 x 10^14 bits which means that 1 out of ever 1014 bits cannot be read. This means if you have 12TBs or 12x 1TB drives your probability of encountering a URE is one (i.e. it’s going to happen). If you have 2TB drives, then all you need is 6x 2TB drives and you will encounter a URE. If you have a RAID-5 group that has seven 2TB drives and one drive fails, the RAID rebuild has to read all of the remaining disks (all six of them). At that point you are almost guaranteed that during the RAID-5 rebuild, you will hit a URE and the RAID rebuild will fail. This means you have lost all of your data.

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