Printers not printing with SafeQ working on Cluster mode

Very recently, I happened to go through a very tricky situation with the printers in our office, all connected through SafeQ ports (not IP ports). The users would print, but when they went to the printers to release the jobs, the jobs were not displayed on the YSoft Terminal. I checked the print server queue and couldn’t find any pending jobs stuck in the queue. I tried restarting both the Print spooler services, that didn’t help. I tried restarting both the CML (Primary Server) and the Secondary Node (Secondary Server) and this helped for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes or so the prints would stop appearing on the YSoft SafeQ terminal.

After having checked for more than 2 hours, I realized that the secondary partition on the Secondary server had run out of space. When checked, I was shocked to find that the ldf file for the SafeQ Database has consumed almost 90% of space on the secondary partition. Once this file was truncated, the jobs had started appearing on the terminals and the print jobs were all smooth, fast and back to normal.

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