Unable to shrink Sharepoint_Config_Log file in Sharepoint 2010

Is your Sharepoint_Config_Log file reaching enormous GB size of data and nearing your full drive space utilization?

Shrinking a Log File in your SQL Database may seem very straightforward when accessing SQL Server Management Studio

You may have already tried the below and still not seen any change in the file size


If the above scenario is true, it is most likely that you have set your DB in Full Recovery Mode and hence will not allow you to shrink the log file

Please note that in my illustration I have made an assumption that the default dbname Sharepoint_Config has been changed; if changed please make revisions to the script accordingly

To confirm this further, run the shrink operating using the SQL Query.

From the SQL Server Management Studio

  • Click New Query and type below command
  • DBCC SHRINKFILE (Sharepoint_Config_LOG);
  • Execute the command
  • Click the Messages tab at the bottom and take note of the error

Your are most likely to get the below error

“Cannot shrink log file 2 because the logical log file located at the end of the file is in use”

In SQL Server Management Studio; run below commands

use master;
alter database Sharepoint_Config set recovery simple;
  • DBCC SHRINKFILE (Sharepoint_Config_LOG);

This will shrink the log file to its default size.

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