Free Online OCR

There are several OCR Conversion Tools to choose from; what is best depends on the final output you are expecting

Purpose 1 – Convert PDF / Image File to other editable formats

Purpose 2 – Extract Text from PDF / Image File

Convert PDF / Image File to other editable formats (Preserve Original Formatting)

Recommended Option – Use

  • You can register for Free on their website which gives you access to OCR up to 25 Pages
  • Create a registered username and password on their website
  • Once logged in; you are redirected to the Dashboard
  • The Simple Interface on the site is self explanatory;
    • There are large number of language options to choose from
    • Multiple Output formats can be selected
    • Selective Page numbers can also be defined
    • For multiples files; there is an excellent option to upload them as ZIP Files
  • The feature that sets OnlineOCR apart from the rest is that the converted document restores up to 90% of the original document formatting


If your OCR Conversion requirement is beyond the Free Limit of 25 Pages; they have several economical pricing packages to choose from. If the requirement is business critical; I would suggest you look no further and proceed with the petty purchase to achieve fantastic results

In addition; they also have a highly responsive support team; just in case you run into any trouble with the features



Extract Text from PDF / Image File (Formatting is not preserved)

Recommended Option 1 – Using Google Docs (Free)


  • Click the right-most icon as displayed and ensure the option ‘Convert Text from uploaded PDF and Image files’ is selected



  • Upload the Image or PDF file by clicking the Red Icon



  • Select the desired Document Language and Click Start Upload
  • Once done; open the document from Google Docs
  • Your original document / image will be followed by OCR Text than be freely edited / saved to another document format
  • Use the File Menu from Google Docs to Download as other editable formats

Recommended Option 2 – Using Adobe Professional (Paid Software)

  • You can use Adobe Professional directly with a Scanner to OCR Images to create Searchable PDFs
  • You can also manually select files or collection of files in folders to OCR them
  • You can further save the resulting PDF to editable formats like Word. But the chances of the original formatting to be preserved is minimal


Browser Compatibility Check – Internet Explorer 11 and Google Chrome

Designing Interactive WebPages has never been more challenging. With more and devices having the ability to browse the Internet; the need to make your WebPages compatible across all platforms is indeed a very challenging task.

Web Page designing Softwares like Microsoft Expression Web or Adobe Dreamviewer has features to test compatibility across browsers and devices; but IE 11 and Google Chrome have a far more dynamic interface to test webpage compatibility

Browser Compatibility Check with Internet Explorer 11

  • Keep the desired webpage open on the browser
  • Press F12 on the keyboard; a footer window opens up
  • From the left of the footer scroll to the last icon titled Emulation as illustrated below


  • From the User agent string drop down; select the desired browser you wish to test the compatibility with.
  • You may also provide Customer User Agent Strings. Example (View this External Link)





Browser Compatibility Check with Google Chrome – Version 34.0.1847.131

  • Keep the desired webpage open on the browser
  • Press F12 on the keyboard; a footer window opens up
  • From the Console Tab; select Emulation



  • Ensure the Spoof Agent Checkbox is ticked
  • Use the drop to select the desired User Agent / Browser. The good feature in Chrome is that it shows you the User Agent String details which I find is a notch better than IE



You could use a combination of both the Browsers Emulation Features to test your Webpages as the User Agent options in both are different

Excel Password Removal – Excel 2007 / Excel 2010

There are several instances when we would have protected entire Excel Workbooks or specific Worksheets and then totally forgotten about it.  An online search will fetch a thousand options for password removal.

The one on this blog is simple, straight-forward and no software requires to be download. All we need is a simple BASE Script

This has tried and tested on Excel 2007 and 2010 versions

  1. Download the Script file from this link (ScriptFile)
  2. Open the Password Protected Excel File
  3. Press ALT+F11 on your keyboard; the Visual Basic Editor opens
  4. From the File Menu; click Import and select the BASE Script file () that you downloaded earlier
  5. From the File Menu; click Close and Return to Microsoft Excel
  6. From the View Tab in Excel;  Click View Macros (Illustration provided below)
  7. Select Macro1 and Click Run (Illustration provided below)
  8. The password removal utility that opens will guide you through the rest