Windows XP Mode Could not be restored


Error Message: <Windows XP Mode> could not be restored because of either host processor type mismatch or lack of hardware-assisted virtualization support in the system

You could ideally check the BIOS Settings to confirm if Virtualization is enabled

But if XP Mode was working perfectly before this error; I don’t see why you should go and check the BIOS setup again

The Error may have cropped up because of a combination of reasons

  • XP Mode was put in Hibernation mode after last successful usage and Hard Disk was replaced or moved to a new PC


Restoring the XP Mode to working State

  • Browse to the following location [C:\Users\(Username)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Virtual PC\Virtual Machines]
  • You will find a .VSV file pertaining to the Virtual Machine you are facing problems with
  • Rename the .VSV file (Eg: Rename TestVM.vsv to TestVMOld.vsv)
  • Run the .VMC file in the same directory. You would ideally get the same error once again
  • Rename the .VSV file again to it’s previous name (Eg: Rename TestVMOld.vsv to TestVM.vsv)
  • Now run the .VMC file

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