Workaround for changing Installer Forced Romanian language on Bitdefender Antivirus Free to English

The other day I decided to change the anti virus running on my laptop to Bitdefender Antivirus Free. However after having started the installation, I noticed that the whole setup was running on another language (which I later understood was Romanian). After having browsed for a few solutions, I found one simple solution for this on the forum of Bitdefender itself. I had to uninstall the whole antivirus to just change the language! Following are the steps to be followed to change the language to English. (Please note that the steps below can be followed if it’s a fresh installation or a re-installation)

  1. Download Bitdefender Antivirus Free.
  2. Double click on the downloaded file and let it unpack the installation files. Please don’t click on Install yet.
  3. Hit Windows button and R on the keyboard or in plain words get the “run” command and type in %temp% and hit Enter.
  4. Once the temporary folder opens, look for a folder “RarSFX0”.
  5. Right click and copy this folder (you may name this folder as anything you wish) to another folder in another location.
  6. Close the installer and the folder “RarSFX0” will be removed.
  7. Look for a folder “lang” in the folder that was created in Step 5.
  8. Look for a file “lang.xml” in this folder and right click and “Open With” Notepad.
  9. Remove all languages below tag <languages> except for language “en-US”.
  10. Hit Ctrl+S (in other words Save) and close Notepad.
  11. Double click on the downloaded file in Step 1.

11 thoughts on “Workaround for changing Installer Forced Romanian language on Bitdefender Antivirus Free to English

  1. Ignore step 11,

    After saving the notepad file, open the installer application in that RARSX0 folder you modified and the install will now be in English,

    If you follow step 11 you will just be installing the same files you have tried to modify.

    • Hi Deane,

      Thank you for pointing out that mistake in my blog. Yes, you are absolutely right. What I intended to write was to open the installer from the RARSX0 folder itself.


  2. thnx cancelling step 11 worked, i was also wondering that doing step 11 will not make any difference cuz the temp file is gone 🙂

  3. hello parveenh
    I did exactly as you instructed,but now I can,t install the program.I douable click on en-US.exe,waiting icon appears,after a few seconds,it disappears and the program never launches.Did I do anything wrong?

    • Hi Hesam,

      It’s quite unfortunate to know that you weren’t able to install bitdefender successfully. As a start, I would suggest you try restarting your PC first and then following all the steps once again. I would also like to know which Operating System are you using?

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