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How to embed Youtube Videos in WordPress

Embed Youtube Videos on your WordPress Blog

In your WordPress Editor; use the below command as illustrated. Just ensure you use the correct Youtube Video Address




Powershell – Export-Csv to export multi-valued attributes

Passing Mutliple Variables to Export-CSV cmdlet

If you have overcome a situation where-in; while exporting results using Export-CSV; multi-valued columns return just the property System.String[]; I have just the right solution for you

If the multi-valued column name is recipients; use the column as below

@{Name=’recipients’;Expression={[string]::join(“;”, ($_.recipients))}}


WhatsApp – Blue Tick Marks?

WhatsApp has rolled out out a read receipt feature that will let users know when their messages have been read. With the new WhatsApp feature users will notice two blue tick marks next to a message they’ve sent, which is actually an indication that the recipient has seen the message.

Earlier versions of the app showed a grey double tick mark which indicated the message has been delivered.

Content Courtesy NDTV Gadgets

Powershell – Display command output one page at a time

Please note that the below command applies for use in the Windows Powershell Console and not in the Windows Powershell ISE

Use the More function to achieve the page wise output

Get-Service -ComputerName computername | more