Run Exchange Management Shell from Powershell ISE – Exchange 2013

Run the below command from Powershell ISE

$s = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange `
        -ConnectionUri http://FQDN of your mailbox server/PowerShell/ `
        -Authentication Kerberos
Import-PSSession $s

Once this is done; all the required Exchange Cmdlets will be imported into the Session

Powershell Script – Not digitally signed

Unable to Run Powershell Script – Error: Not digitally signed

Error: The file *.ps1 is not digitally signed. The script will not execute on the system

+FullyQualifiedErrorID: UnauthorizedAccess

To resolve above error; set the execution policy to unrestricted

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Bypass

Configure a Dedicated Send Connector for a Specific Domain – Exchange 2013

For Exchange 2010; you may refer to below link

Below Screenshots are from Exchange 2013

  • Open the EAC (Exchange Admin Center)
  • From the left tab; click Mail Flow
  • Click Send Connectors
  • Click the + icon to create a New Send Connector



  • Provide an appropriate name and select the type that is applicable to your work scenario


  • Provide Authentication details if required for the connector


  • Add the individual Fully Qualified Domain Names to the Address Space dialog box. But ensure the Cost field is marked as 1.
  • The Send Connector with the least cost number will be used for sending mails to the domains specified. Please ensure the Cost value for any existing Send Connectors are changed from 1 to proceeding numbers.






Event ID 15021 HTTPEvent SSL configuration – Exchange Server 2013

Event ID 15021 HTTPEvent error occurred while using SSL configuration for endpoint

Applies to Exchange Server 2013

This error is traced from the Windows Event Viewer – Windows Logs – System

If your Exchange Server is setup on a Single Server; the Exchange Administration Center (EAC) returns blank page

If there are multiple servers involved; the issues will be restricted to the below

  1. The OWA will allow login, but returns blank similar
  2. Outlook as well any other Exchange Clients will fail to connect
  3. Exchange Management Shell will fail to connect. (Returns Error : FullyQualifiedErrorId : -2144108477,PSSessionOpenFailed

This error crops up due to the usage of non-existing or unassigned certificate.

Open IIS Manager from the server faced with the issue


From Sites; select Exchange Back End; right click and select Edit Bindings

Edit the Site Binding for https –


If the SSL Certificate field shows Not Selected or any wrong Certificate; please ensure the correct certificate is selected.

Click Ok to Save once done


Taking ownership of a folder in Windows 8.1


I’ve been trying to find a way to take ownership of folder/folders in Windows 8.1. That’w when I happened to find the info given in this website to be quite helpful. Thought of sharing it with many of you who may be trying to find an easier way to add this option to the Menu rather typing scripts (no offense to those who love scripts).

Full credit goes to the website and the person who took the pain in making our lives easier.

PS: I do think that this will work for Windows Vista, Windows 7 too!