Uninstall SearchProtect e from your system in quick easy steps

There is an annoying icon in the taskbar which has started to hijack your computer. Your Internet Explorer and other browsers may have started to act funny opening up strange start-up pages.


I have tried Adware Cleaner/ Malware Bytes and other Enterprise AV Tools. No on these currently pick this up as a threat.

So is this really a virus? Well; I don’t know what it is; but I definitely don’t want unknown programs lurking in my system. Moreover there is a traceable entry in Control Panel which allows us to uninstall this.

Below is a series of steps which will help you to remove this

  • From the Taskbar click the upward pointing arrow and click¬†Customize
  • Locate the exe file which shows up with same e icon
  • In my case; it shows up as SupHPNot.exe; but it may different on other machines


  • Take a note of the exe file name.
  • Open Task Manager (taskmgr) and locate this exe file from the Process Tab
  • Once found; right-click on the process and select Go to Details
  • The task manager automatically switches to the details tab showing the specific process selected
  • Right-Click on the selected process and select Open File Location
  • The specific folder containing the exe opens up
  • There would be an uninstall.exe available.
  • Run it and restart your PC

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