Backup Remote Agent (Backup Exec 2014) installation failing due to “Microsoft VC++ Redistributables (x64) installation failed” error.

We happened to upgrade our Symantec Backup Exec 2010R3 to Symantec Backup Exec 2014 recently. Although the GUI was quite straight forward with the older one, the new one’s GUI looked quite confusing at the start. But after exploring a bit, it looked an animal that could be tamed. The first job that we ran failed. Although the backup was done, the remote agents had caused a failure of the job itself. When I tried pushing the agent updates from the main backup server, the upgrades failed. I then realized that I may have to do this manually.

From Symantec websites I had figured out how to do the installation manually. You may go to the link and look for the section “Local (manual) installation using the GUI method”. But this story didn’t end ever so happily! Upon doing the installation manually, it failed. It failed with an error “Microsoft VC++ Redistributables (x64) installation failed”. Just when I thought that the whole world crashed upon me, I figured out from another blog to bypass this.

While the link above suggests that we copy the RASW32 or RAWSX64 folder, it doesn’t say anywhere to copy the “VCRedist” folder too! This is the hidden trick. So to summarise, my steps where as follows:

  1. Copy the RAWS32 or RAWSX64 folder and the VCRedist folder together to a location on the remote server. It could also be the Desktop of the user.
  2. Run the setup as was described in the link that was posted above.
  3. The error should not appear after this. I didn’t face any error after this.

Please do bear in mind that the servers may require a restart if the installation is being done with the old remote agent still installed! Even if an old agent doesn’t reside and the installation is done, it is always recommended to restart the server after the installation.

One thought on “Backup Remote Agent (Backup Exec 2014) installation failing due to “Microsoft VC++ Redistributables (x64) installation failed” error.

  1. Thanks for this note – It also impacts v15 remote agent installations on local machines. The installation in my case was a Windows 7 64bit client on a DMZ which had limited communications with the BE server which is not the the DMZ.

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