Backup Exchange Server 2013 with Windows Server Backup

Files to be backed up on Exchange Server 2013

  • Database File (*.edb)
  • Transaction Log Files (*.log)
  • Checkpoint file (*.chk)

More details on these files can be found on this LINK

Install Windows Server Backup on your Windows Server 2012

  • From Server Manager – Select Add Roles and Features
  • Under Features, select Windows Server Backup as illustrated below



  • Once Installed – Open the Windows Server Backup utility


  • Select Backup Schedule / Backup Once as per your requirement
  • Select destination type as per your setup


  • Since you are aware which files are required to be backed up, you can choose the custom option to manually select the files you require to backup


  • Select the backup type as per your current settings


  • If you are not using any other tools for backup of the Exchange; select VSS Full Backup to ensure the log files are purged after the backup is completed

Once the backup completes, click View Details to verify the backup is done properly



In addition to this run below command from Exchange Management Shell to verify the backup

Get-MailboxDatabase -Server Servername -Status | select name,last*backup

The Columns for Last Full Backup should show the updated date

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