Whatsapp with Google Drive backup option

I happened to read this from my favorite tech website, http://www.gsmarena.com, about Whatsapp offering backup option via Google Drive. For days I’ve been using this new look, redesigned, Whatsapp (Version 2.12.44) for Android. The material design has been adopted quite well and by the looks of it Whatsapp has become ever more attractive, at least for me.

This new version, 2.12.45, when installed will enable the Google Drive backup option. If you ask me what’s the big deal with it, well it’s indeed some deal because a lot of internal storage space of our mobile device can be saved by using this feature. We all know how much of space the multimedia that is shared with us over Whatsapp, kills the space and thus slow down our mobile devices. You can use that unused space in Google Drive to give some breather to your mobile devices. Iphone users may have to wait for a while for this feature to arrive. I couldn’t find anything for the IOS, Windows or Blackberry operating systems as yet. Android users may go head on and make best use of this feature!

You can go to this link to read more about the new feature. Alternatively if you trust my words, then you may as well go to this link and download the apk file by hitting the Download button.

Have a great day ahead!

Exchange 2013 – Set default database for new mailboxes

Automatic Mailbox Distribution – Exchange 2013

Default Exchange Database for New Users

Applies to Exchange 2010 as well

You can manually create mailboxes in specific Exchange Database using Exchange Management Console; but if you require Exchange to automate this and create New Mailboxes on your preferred mailbox; follow below steps

Lets say you have 3 Mailboxes

Run the below command against each mailbox to see the value for IsExcludedFromProvisioning

  • Get-MailboxDatabase -Server <ServerName>| select Name,ServerName,IsExcludedFromProvisioning
  • The databases you want excluded from automatic provisioning of new mailboxes; set the value of IsExcludedProvisioning to false
  • Set-MailboxDatabase "Database Name" -IsExcludedFromProvisioning $false

Switch from iPhone 4s/5/5c/5s/6/6Plus to Samsung S4/S5/S6/A3/A5 – Samsung Smart Switch

Transfer Data from ioS to Android

Samsung has made this task real easy with its free application Smart Switch

From your Samsung Mobile, download the App Samsung Smart Switch from the PlayStore

Once installed; the app opens with below screenshot which is quite self-explanatory

  • If you have a good wireless connection; option 1 (Import from iCloud) is recommended without the need for a USB on-the-go cable.
  • Provide your Apple ID and Password and Sign In
  • The wizard will provide options on what data you require transferred


Screenshot_2015-04-07-14-25-10 Screenshot_2015-04-07-14-32-08

Solved – You may not have permission to access this network resource


Note: The below solution is considering the computer you wish to connect to is turned on; has sharing enabled, has the sufficient right active and you are able to ping to it

Solution (Applies to Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1)

  • It is most likely that this folder was accessed with a wrong password earlier
  • Open Control Panel – User Accounts
  • From the left panel – Click Manage your credentials


  • For Windows 8 and 8.1 users the Web and Windows Credentials will show separately. Click Windows Credentials
  • Under Windows Credentials; the PC name or IP Address that you were trying to connect to must be listed


  • Click Remove to delete the existing credential
  • Once done; try accessing the shared folder once again.


Outlook Personal Folders show loading continuously

Applies to Outlook 2010

When clicking on Inbox, Sent Items or any subfolder the outlook window shows loading continuously without any result.

Remove Unnecessary Outlook Add-Ins

  • Close and restart Outlook in safe mode
  • Type the below command in run outlook.exe /safe
  • From the Outlook Menu – File – Options – Add-Ins
  • From the bottom of the Add-In Window; click Go on Manage COM Add-Ins


  • Uncheck any Add-In that is not relevant to your work
  • In my case; I disabled the following Add-Ins
    • Microsoft SharePoint Server Colleague Import Add-In
    • Send to Bluetooth
    • Third Party Addins
      • PDFMOutlook
      • iTunes Outlook Addin
      • Teamviewer Meeting Add-In


Error when attempting to create a certificate request in Exchange Server 2013

Unable to generate CSR  – Please use a valid file name –  Exchange Server 2013

Please use a valid file name when you run the New-ExchangeCertificate cmdlet on Server on server with the -RequestFile parameter. The file should not exist in target folder. Parameter name: RequestFile

To ensure that you can download the certificate request to a particular network share, you must first assign the correct permissions to the file share you intend to use.

As illustrated below, grant the Exchange Trusted Subsystem group with modify or greater permissions against your chosen file share


Blackberry OS 7 – No option for Internet Mail Account

Internet Email Setting Missing – Blackberry OS 7

First confirm that your Blackberry Service is activated from the Telecom Service Provider

  • From the Phone Menu – Select Options
  • Device – Advanced System Settings – Host Routing Table
  • Press the Blackberry Menu Key and click Register Now
  • You should receive a notification message from your Service Provider. If you do not receive any notification message, please contact your service provider
  • Wait for a minute and proceed to Setup – Email Accounts
  • You Email Account settings should work as intended

Opening winmail.dat file in email attachment

Is winmail.dat file a virus? Why does this happen?

Below is a link to a post from Microsoft as to why this happens and what you can do to stop this from happening in future


Does the winmail.dat file have any content?

Not all winmail.dat files have content. Right-Click the winmail.dat and open in notepad. The first 2 lines of text will give you an idea if it contains any relevant data (eg: IPM.Microsoft Mail.Note)

How to open a winmail.dat file?

Found a simple and easy to use website that helps you extract the contents online