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Remove as homepage on Google Chrome

Steps on how to remove as homepage on your Google Chrome Browser

Phase 1  – Settings in Google Chrome

  • In Google Chome; type this in the address bar chrome://settings/
  • Click Set Pages under On Startup and remove the unwanted address


  •  Under Search, click Manage search engines and remove all unnecessary listings


  • Keep the settings page active and open Registry settings of your computer


  • Take a backup of the registry using File – Export
  • Click the Computer Icon and click Edit-Find and type yoursites123
  • Use F3 to Search and then manually delete all registry keys which this keyword
  • Return to Google Settings and browser to the bottom and click Show Advanced Settings
  • Click Reset Settings to revert your browser to default settings
  • Close and Open Google Chrome; the pest site should now be gone




Google Chrome cannot read and write to its data directory

Google Chrome Error

  • Open Registry (Type regedit from Run)
  • Locate the Key – [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome]
  • Delete the content of the key UserDataDir
  • Open Google Chrome and the pop up error should be gone for good