Sunil Padmanabhan (OCP)

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Currently working as an IT Head for a global name in the Marine Industry. Expertise in Oracle 10g /11g Administration, PL/SQL, SQL Queries, Windows OS, MS SharePoint and IT Automation

Having a professional IT experience of over 10 years; this blog took shape jointly with my good pal with an intention of imparting and recording knowledge on everyday computing tasks intentionally spread across different topics. You may help us build the IT knowledge chain by posting queries or problems you have overcome. My keen focus in the future will be on Database Administration and extensive IT Automation and hence readers can definitely look forward to more posts in that regard.

Praveen Haridas

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I am based out of Dubai United Arab Emirates. Been in the IT field for about 8 years and currently working as a Senior System Administrator.  Started off as an IT Technician with absolute focus on Hardware related issues. As years passed on, I turned my attention towards help desk support and troubleshooting. Huge amount of my knowledge comes from this part of my career. Now I see myself prospering towards an area that I’ve long desired to be in, the world of Clouds. I’m more specific to Windows Server technology. However, I’d like to see myself in the midst of Cloud and Virtualization technologies a few years from now. My main areas of interests are developments around the world relating to technology. Now that’s a very generic usage. I’ll be more specific on that. I should say technology, today, is part of every aspect of our lives. The subject of technology is so vast that it is very difficult to really keep up to date with everything happening. My focus lies mainly on the world of smartphones and their operating systems (Android, IOS, Windows Phone etc), server technologies (Windows Server, Virtualization, Cloud business).

This blog is all about imparting as much knowledge as we can. Oh by the way, I’m not alone in this blog. I’m with my best buddy in this blog and together, we are doing what can the best way possible. Our main goal is to make the day to day IT related issues look simpler and a lot of technological jargon’s to be made look simpler. Let’s share and build a huge knowledge-base easy enough for anyone with basic knowledge of computers and smartphones to understand and relate to.

Vimal Nair

My IT career started off in 2004 when I first got placed by an MNC through campus recruitment. With zero exposure to IT, I moved to Bangalore ( India) with my first assignment.

There I was very fortunate to be a part of a great team handling major projects and thus got trained on different peripherals and servers, IT infrastructure designing to chip level repairing. That was a great start for me and from there on I worked on different projects as a site team member, site in charge engineer and handled all issues related to hardware, networking, server management etc. My career slowly grew up thus crafting myself into a system administrator.

Currently I am in UAE and working for an MNC. All IT infrastructure related issues from  planning, designing to helpdesk support, site maintenance, site backup, site security and supplier management etc. for my office location are being handled by me.

I am here to share my experiences which I feel are not very common in daily IT routine and hard to find a proper solution or support even with the help of “Google”. With my great friends here, I am more than happy to share and explain the strange issues that have been faced and how they were resolved, hoping it can be helpful for one and all!

Praveen Kottarathil

Developer, uber geek, night owl and husband. View Praveen K Prasad's LinkedIn profileView Praveen K Prasad’s profile

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