Sonicwall CDP Agent Error – HTTP Error Request

I went through the Sonicwall Forums and did not find the correct answer to this problem


I tried updating Adobe Air and Restarting the System. But still had no luck

  • Open Task Manager
  • Under Services Tab; locate a service named SonicWALLCDPProxy
  • This service is most likely stopped. Start this service and open the Agent once again


Panic!! Bad system health (SYNCSTATE_RESTART); restarting service – Sonicwall CDP Device

If you are getting this error from your Server Event Logs; it is certain that your backup is not secure and urgent action needs to be taken

The high-probability for this error is that you are running on Older CDP Agent Version (possibly 6.0). With CDP Agent Version 6.0 there is an issue of agent resources leaking due to which the agent service has these panic attacks and restarts the service. In order to fix this issue it is advised to update your CDP Agent to latest available version; which as of currently is