Blackberry – You can’t send messages to this chat because WhatsApp no longer supports this phone

WhatsApp released a statement that Blackberry Phones with OS 10 will support the App until June 2017.

But if you still receive the above message on your Blackberry Phone, all you have to do is update your WhatsApp from Blackberry World.

Blackberry OS 7 – No option for Internet Mail Account

Internet Email Setting Missing – Blackberry OS 7

First confirm that your Blackberry Service is activated from the Telecom Service Provider

  • From the Phone Menu – Select Options
  • Device – Advanced System Settings – Host Routing Table
  • Press the Blackberry Menu Key and click Register Now
  • You should receive a notification message from your Service Provider. If you do not receive any notification message, please contact your service provider
  • Wait for a minute and proceed to Setup – Email Accounts
  • You Email Account settings should work as intended

Smart Phones Tutorial | Tablets Tutorial

Video Tutorials are definitely a great thing and very interactive indeed. But I stumbled upon a site; which has no Video Tutorials but yet by far the best Tutorial Site for Smart Phones and Tablets that I have ever come across

They have tutorials across all well known brands; Alcatel / Apple / AudioVox / Blackberry / Ericssion / HTC / Huawei / Kyocera / LG / Motorola / Netgear / Nokia / Novatel / Pagers / Palm / Samsung / Sanyo / Sierra Wireless / Sonim / Sony and more


Below are links to a few popular ones

Tutorial for IPhone 5s

Tutorial for IPhone 5c

Tutorial for IPhone 4s

Tutorial for IPad Air

Tutorial for IPad Mini

Tutorial for Samsung Galaxy S5

Tutorial for Samsung Galaxy S4

Tutorial for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Tutorial for Blackberry Z30

Blackberry Bold / Curve – SIM Card Rejected – OS 7

I faced this error recently with a Blackberry Phone running OS 7.

The first thing on my mind was to check the Mobile Network Selections under Network and Connections. Strangely both Network and Connections as well as Wi-Fi Network options would not respond.

The only option left was to do backup and restoration which takes just about 30 minutes. I would suggest you do not crack your brains further on this one doing R&D.



Transfer Data from your Blackberry OS 6 or 7 to your new OS 10 Device

For all Previous OS versions (6/7); Blackberry Desktop Manager was sufficient to get the task done in transferring data to another Blackberry Phone

Blackberry Desktop Manager no longer works with new OS 10 Devices. You will need the new Blackberry Link Software

Download Blackberry Link

  • Connect your Old Blackberry Device running OS 6 or 7 to your PC and open the Blackberry Link Software
  • The screen as illustrated below will appear. Click Transfer Data

Blackberry Link

Blackberry Link

  • Once the data copying is completed; disconnect the old device and connect your new OS 10 Device
  • Your new device will be listed on the screen; click it and the transfer will start automatically

Blackberry Link

  • Once the transfer is completed. Click the Show Details button to verify if all data has been transferred

Blackberry Link

Blackberry Bold / Curve – Icons Missing

  1. Check for Hidden Icons
    • With the main menu on the BB Sceen; click the Blackberry Icon Key and select Show All Icons. If you are icon was hidden; it would show up.
    • Select the Hidden Icon and click the BB Icon; select Unhide Icon
  2. Check inside Folders
    • There are chances you may have unknowingly moved the icon to a folder
    • Open each folder and check
  3. Check for Uninstalled Applications
    • Open AppWorld and check for Uninstalled applications; if listed you can select and re install the application

If you folks know of other options to trace missing Icons before doing a Wipe; do post your comments