Disable Touchpad Zoom on Lenovo G Series Laptops

Disabling Track Pad Zoom on Lenovo G Series Laptops

Though meant to be a good feature; it turns out to be more annoying than useful to most users. Below steps can help you turn this feature off

  • Control Panel – Mouse – Device Settings – Settings
  • Uncheck ‘Enable Zooming’ checkbox
  • Click ok and you are done

How to get to BIOS Setup on Lenovo Z400 Laptop


I had looked for an answer to this question in many blogs and forums but all of them gave very generic answers. It was only very late that an idea struck me. Why not check the manual? Voila! I got the answer.

Before we start to do anything, make sure that the laptop is turned off. Press the Novo button (the button right next to the AC power adapter jack) and the laptop turns on with a few options out of which BIOS Setup is one.

If you still have not figured out where this button is, here is the link to the manual.



Upgrading RAM on a Lenovo Ideapad Z400


Recently I had decided to upgrade the RAM on my Lenovo Z400 from 6 GB to 16 GB. But after going through many videos and the Hardware Maintenance Manual (HMM) of this model, I figured out that this is one of the most trickiest laptops I have worked on. If any of you have a similar model or a Z500 for that matter, you may follow the instructions given on the HMM and also the steps below. The number of screws and the way to remove the base cover looked all very funny to me, honestly. So here are the steps.

1. Remove the AC adapter
2. Remove the keyboard (see page 33 of the HMM)
Please be very careful when removing the keyboard as the underlying cables are locked tight into the connectors. Make sure that you lift the lock and then remove both the cables.
3. Remove the Optical Drive (see page 36 of the HMM)
4. Remove the base Cover (see page 39 of the HMM)
When removing the base cover, please note that the base cover is locked to the laptop apart from having screws. One needs to be very careful while removing the base cover from one end so that he/she does not end up applying brute force and hence break the base cover. Be patient!
5. Remove the Battery Pack (see page 44 of the HMM)


Please download the HMM from the link below.

Hardware Maintenance Manual for Ideapad Z & P series

The manual has clear illustrations on how to remove each part and specifically for each model.  By following the steps you will also be able to upgrade or change the Hard Disk on the laptop too!

Please note that for both Z400 and Z400 Touch the methods are different. Please read through the manaul carefully