Switch from iPhone 4s/5/5c/5s/6/6Plus to Samsung S4/S5/S6/A3/A5 – Samsung Smart Switch

Transfer Data from ioS to Android

Samsung has made this task real easy with its free application Smart Switch

From your Samsung Mobile, download the App Samsung Smart Switch from the PlayStore

Once installed; the app opens with below screenshot which is quite self-explanatory

  • If you have a good wireless connection; option 1 (Import from iCloud) is recommended without the need for a USB on-the-go cable.
  • Provide your Apple ID and Password and Sign In
  • The wizard will provide options on what data you require transferred


Screenshot_2015-04-07-14-25-10 Screenshot_2015-04-07-14-32-08

Samsung Galaxy A5 – Notification LED

The Notification LED has become a critical alert for any incoming messages without having to physically check the phone every time

But the Samsung Galaxy A Series has done without this. In what looks to be an effort to increase the battery life significantly.

The next question that pops up; Is there an APP that enables the Samsung Galaxy A Series Notification LED?

Well, installing the APP has no effect; since the hardware clearly does not support it. So the answer is a clear NO

For those who consider this a downside; this is going to be a hard pill to swallow

Smart Phones Tutorial | Tablets Tutorial

Video Tutorials are definitely a great thing and very interactive indeed. But I stumbled upon a site; which has no Video Tutorials but yet by far the best Tutorial Site for Smart Phones and Tablets that I have ever come across

They have tutorials across all well known brands; Alcatel / Apple / AudioVox / Blackberry / Ericssion / HTC / Huawei / Kyocera / LG / Motorola / Netgear / Nokia / Novatel / Pagers / Palm / Samsung / Sanyo / Sierra Wireless / Sonim / Sony and more


Below are links to a few popular ones

Tutorial for IPhone 5s

Tutorial for IPhone 5c

Tutorial for IPhone 4s

Tutorial for IPad Air

Tutorial for IPad Mini

Tutorial for Samsung Galaxy S5

Tutorial for Samsung Galaxy S4

Tutorial for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Tutorial for Blackberry Z30

Master Sync has been disabled – Samsung Galaxy S6

If you have come across a scenario, where-in your email synchronization settings are active but yet you get the message Master Sync has been disabled

The below illustration will guide you through. You may also watch the video for the solution

From any screen, drag down the top portion of the Screen

S4 Screenshot

Click the Top Right Icon with 3 squares and a double arrow and you get the below screen as illustrated

Click the Icon titled Sync to enable it and you are done

S4 Screenshot