Dell R510 Server – RAID 5 option is not available

Some of you may have faced this problem while configure a new Dell server. Even though you meet the hardware pre-requisites like minimum 3 HDD etc. for configuring RAID 5, yet the server will show only RAID 0 and RAID 1 options.

The below steps will illustrate how we can enable RAID 5 option for a Dell R510 Server.

  • Power on the server -> press F10 -> Select hardware configuration setup
  • Delete any virtual drive if present and remove foreign configuration. Now you will get the option to configure the server using RAID 5.

If a foreign configuration is present in the server,Only RAID 0 and RAID 1 will be available and it will not allow you to configure in RAID 5.

Take a clear note that I am talking about a fresh configuration for a Dell Server. If you are facing this scenario in any other condition or while swapping/replacing  HDDs from any other virtual configuration, then the reason may be different