Migrate Sharepoint 2007 List to Sharepoint 2010

Lets say you have a List in Sharepoint 2007 with Large Content and Views which you would want to replicate in Sharepoint 2010.

You can achieve this with Powershell Commands; but I will illustrate in the most simplest manner to achieve desired result

  1. From your Sharepoint 2007 List; Click Settings Р List Settings
  2. Save your list as a template (.stp); ensure that you select the Include Content CheckboxList_Settings
  3. From the Parent Site; proceed to Site Actions – Site Settings – List Templates and download the new template to local machine folder
  4. Change the extension of the downloaded file from .STP to .CAB
  5. Extract the content of the CAB file (manifest.xml) to a local folder; lets call it c:\sp2007_template\
  6. Edit the manifest.xml file; search for the ProductVersion element. This should have a value of 3; change its value to 4 and save the file
  7. Repackage the manifest.xml into a .CAB by using makecab.exe in the C:\Windows\System32 folder
    Syntax: makecab.exe c:\sp2007_template\manifest.xml c:\sp2007_template\{template-name}.cab
  8. Change the newly generated cabinet file extension from .CAB to .STP
  9. From the parent site of your Sharepoint 2010 Site;  proceed to Site Actions РSite Settings РList TemplatesSite_Settings
  10. Upload the newly created .STP file to the List Template directory
  11. When creating a new list in Sharepoint 2010; the new template will show up for selection.