Event ID: 1111 Contact the administrator to install the driver before you log in again

Applies to Windows Server 2003

There are two possibilities with this error

Scenario 1- If you are getting this Error in your Event Logs it is because you connect with a RDP client that has printer redirection enabled. And the clients on which you have this printer the server has no driver for them. If you want printer-redirection but don’t want to have warnings about drivers that do not exist; you can do the following on the Windows 2003 Server from which you are receiving errors

Start – Settings – Printers and faxes
* Select File -> Server properties
* Go to the advanced tab
* Here you can uncheck the logs and notifications

Scenario 2 – There is also the second possibility that these Printers are not active on the Client Machine as well. You can identify the Client Machine with the Printer Names available in the Event Logs and can delete these offline Printers